Neil - I just have to take a moment to tell you what a great addition Michael Rodman is to the hospital. For our safe lift celebrations today, he found us equipment to use to run the Hill-Rom video on the safe lift tools, burned a CD from Hill-Rom to run in a loop on the AV equipment throughout the day, came in at 6 am to set up the equipment for the safe lift champions' demonstrations in the hospital lobby this morning and did it all with a smile.

In all my interactions with him, Michael has been eager to help, offered options from a technical standpoint, and been available when needed. What an asset.

Communications Manager
MedStar Union Memorial Hospital

Good morning, Mr. Ray has done an exceptional job yesterday, not only did he set-up my computer station, he also stayed and help set-up my Computer Desk ast my new office lcoation. Because of that, I am able to service my clients today at my new office. Mr. Ray has always done a great job for me, he is on time and sometimes early, get's the job done and if you ask me, he deserves a raise. Mr. Ray is always friendly, courteous and professional.

Community Resource Specialist
Community Assistance Network Inc.

The install, and operation of the media center went well beyond our expectations.

Executive Director
Maryland Center for Veterans Education and Training, Inc.

Hi Troy, I just want to tell you what a great employee you have in Mike. Last week there was a big mix up in room reservations and the need for both groups to have a projector set up. I called Mike at 0645 in the morning and he helped me with finding another room and set up what was needed for the presenter for the doctor group. I really appreciate his efforts and pleasant disposition - while I wast sweating and getting anxious - he was calm and collected. He also did a good job on the video we put on our Nursing Connection web site - that our staff members must view as an assignment. Hope you have a nice holiday. You too Mike and get ready - more recordings in the coming year I hope!

Clinical Specialist CVRU/CVL

Lori is very easy to work with, and obviously, very keen with this program. The sales department also likes working with her.

Kyanite Mining Corporation