Cloud Services

Not just any cloud solutions

Everyone’s talking about the cloud, but to drive real value from it you need to understand what it is and how it is best adapted to your organization. That’s what RCI excels at - taking our deep understanding of your business, government department or healthcare institution’s goals and processes, and translating that into a cloud solution that helps you drive efficiencies and meet your objectives head-on.

Less hassle, less downtime, less expenditure, less office space hogged by equipment - you might be moving up to the cloud, but it’s about bringing everything else down.

When you take to the cloud, you have your physical IT components delivered to you through the internet. Management and maintenance are also taken care of electronically and, besides the process efficiencies this brings, it can also drive down costs thanks to a pay-as-you-go pricing structure that allows you to both slash and predict your budget.

RCI’s tailored Cloud Services are:

  • Scalable - your technology capabilities increase only as you need them to, in line with your organization’s growth
  • Tailored - your team’s specific requirements dictate what your IT solutions can offer
  • Mobile - take everything you need to do your job wherever you go
  • Efficient - cut costs and drive greater return on investment with cloud technology