RCI Provides Managed Hololens Services – The Gateway to Expanding Your Reality

RCI is an Authorized Reseller of Microsoft Hololens Solutions – The Hololens is Microsoft’s Premier untethered self-contained holographic lens designed to provide hands-free interaction between the real world and virtual objects (Mixed Reality).


Hands-Free Access to Educational Material

  • Engage interactive step-by-step instructions that show a holographic representation of the Learning Material.
  • Perform simulations of complex concepts.
  • Overlay 3D content on top of physical assets to Guide Learning Objectives.
  • Guide individuals through complex maintenance and repairs.

Acquire a fully integrated solution

  • Design and Deploy Dynamics 365 Infrastructure to support seamless Hololens services.
  • Provide or develop 3D Objects or Applications.
  • Align Hololens Services with Organization’s Mission.

Drive Service and Support Efficiencies

  • Improve delivery of service by reducing errors.
  • Provide project managers and field support staff with real-time virtual access to information, documentation, work-orders, and graphical representation of work or product designs.
  • Enable staff to share the same data and view it across different locations.
  • Acquire accurate 3D visualization of interactive data.
  • Establish virtual access to experts who can see what you see to help solve problems quickly by connecting experience with on-the-spot service.

Instruction and Guides at your fingertip

  • Learn While Working through Step-by-Step Guides.
  • Perform tasks like repair, service, and maintenance with greater confidence.
  • Expanded sphere of knowledge.
  • Deliver instructor lead curriculum.

Custom 3d objects and applications development

Your Products, Your Way

  • Acquire realistic holographic versions of all products.
  • Deploy holographic applications that provide the user with a fully interactive experience.
  • See before you build. Create 3D Holographic images of your product or service in advance of construction.

Sales and marketing support to enhance product showcasing

  • Provide Sales and Marketing Staff with Holographic products for demonstration and interaction in real-world locations.
  • Present a better user experience to drive a deeper understanding between the product and customers.
  • Expand user experience with products through the presentation of 3D objects that reflect the needs of your customers.
  • Take your products with you anywhere and anytime. Deliver realistic holographic representations of all company products.
  • Place virtual products into physical space to validate design, view custom configurations, and make sure it fits.

RCI solution services:




Health care




Construction and architecture


Improves the learning experience while reducing time to learn with Holographic instructional material. Demonstrates complex products to enable better understanding of how instructional content works. Teach from anywhere at any time.



Enhance the patient experience at the point of treatment through a doctor-to-doctor interface, virtual records review, quick virtual access to medical solutions, train and support interns in real-time, display real-time vitals, visualize vital aspects of the human body, integrate navigation aids in MRI-guided procedures



Supports the visualization of hidden parts or identifies visually similar parts to enable repair or reordering which saves time for the technician and reduces inventory costs due to errors.


Construction and Architecture

Accelerate the pace of construction and mitigate risks earlier in the construction cycle by enabling product-specific mixed reality experiences that provide guidance for deployment, operations, maintenance, service, and installation of equipment.


Mechanic and Automotive

Reduce the cost of prototyping through the development of holographic parts and vehicles. Decompose and reconstruct mechanical parts to better demonstrate functionality. Showcase vehicles virtually allowing customers to see all parts of a vehicle.