Get the technology you need without the prohibitive costs


RCI is partnered with Taycor Financial, a professional leasing and financing company, to deliver exceptional service and support through the entire acquisition process. This strategic partnership provides your company with reliable leasing and financing options, so you can acquire the equipment and tools you need, all for one low monthly payment.

Our leasing benefits include:

  • Conservation of cash reserves - Get the equipment you need with a single payment in advance, and no costly down payments.
  • Tax benefits - Lease programs can be structured to provide fully tax-deductible monthly payments or, in some cases, a single year deduction of the entire purchase price.
  • Flexible terms and programs - We can tailor a custom solution to fit your individual company's needs.

Our financing benefits include:

  • Easy approval - Financing is available for between $5,000 and $150,000 with a simple online application - no tax returns required. For requests over $150,000, project financing is available with an abbreviated financial package.
  • Section 179 - For qualifying purchases, a 100% deduction may be made in a single year for the entire cost of acquisition. This could radically reduce your company’s tax liability.
  • Add-on working capital - We can easily structure additional capital into your finance agreement. Use the cash for incidentals including delivery, installation, training, or business growth.

Get in touch with us today and find out how our Financing services can help you choose the right program and term, so that your purchase can pay for itself over time.