Mobile Development

Keeping your business relevant to consumers means letting them reach you in ways that suit them - and nowadays that means through mobile and tablet devices. The number of companies launching their own Mobile Apps continues to grow, and it’s time you joined them if you want a piece of the action too.

RCI can assist with the design and implementation of, and support for, responsive mobile apps that simplify your clients’ access to you and your team, and bring in new prospects who might otherwise not have heard of you. The RCI team is skilled in developing Phone Gap, iPhone and Android applications, meaning we can meet your needs no matter which device you are aiming for.

Mobile Apps from RCI are:

  • Responsive - tested across multiple devices for ultimate compatibility
  • Interactive - engage your clients to ensure they get the most from your app
  • Easy to maintain - with ongoing maintenance and support from our team of experts
  • Cost effective - strong return on investment from apps that drive real value