Get the network design that’s right for you.

Our engineers have considerable experience in designing and deploying both local area networks and wide area networks. We have no single formula for network design—we approach each project as a unique challenge. We work closely with our clients and learn about their processes and expectations – and then design and deliver the best architecture for their needs. Our advanced capabilities and a profound understanding of our clients’ missions help us solve complex issues that encompass all aspects of network performance.

As part of our Infrastructure service, you will:

  • Enjoy a high-performance system – and save money - we develop high-value systems that create decisive advantages for your IT needs - and we do so with a keen eye to cost controls that save you from unnecessary and potentially significant capital expenditures.
  • Experience a non-invasive and timely deployment - our understanding of detailed network architectures, systems specifications and implementation guidelines allows us to provide both a precise and seamless deployment.
  • Maximize your network’s efficiency - our innovative applications can help you assess your current needs, plan for upgrades, and develop a solution that meets your business and budget requirements.

Best of all, our Infrastructure service will optimize your resources so that your network is firing on all cylinders. We have a range of analyses to assess network performance and develop solutions to the most difficult scenarios. This includes the following three levels:

  • Network Documentation - inventory and documentation of network components, configuration, servers, software, data structure, connectivity and diagnostics reports. This can serve as a baseline for problem resolution, upgrade planning, and equipment rotation.
  • Network Analysis - this includes a more detailed breakdown of your network, protocols, architecture, and data backup procedures. It allows a more precise assessment of existing problems and the ability to more accurately plan upgrades.
  • Premium Network Analysis - this includes testing and analysis of LAN congestion, remote communications configurations, software revisions, updates and patches, workstation analysis, and equipment rotation plans. This also detects network bottlenecks and design flaws, or equipment needing repairs.

By outsourcing your network management to RCI, you can relieve yourself of the stress and burden of in-house maintenance, including the need to keep up with rapidly changing technologies, security threats and more. Instead, our team of experts works constantly to ensure that your networks are working at their best and equipping you with the tools to work productively and drive greater profits.