Managed Services

Enjoy predictable budgeting and IT you know you can rely on with Managed Services from RCI

With us, things work differently. After taking the time to understand what you are looking to achieve with IT, we help devise a setup that prevents you from suffering downtime, slashes your computer maintenance costs and rescues you from the headache hell of IT meltdown.

Our Managed Services deliver these game changing advantages:

  • Rapid Resolution Helpdesk - have a problem? Our knowledgeable and courteous staff will quickly solve it and get you back to business in no time.
  • One-stop-shop Print Services - from printer delivery to the maintenance and repair of your machines, we’re your all-in-one print service solution.
  • Optimized Telecommunications - whether it’s your telephony systems, email or internet connection, we’ll ensure your telecommunications are working at their best.
  • Effective Learning Management Systems - our LMS systems deliver continual staff training that maximizes employee efficiency.

Additionally, our staff work around the clock to ensure your systems are always running smoothly. Because of this, we spot problems long before they erupt into massive IT malfunctions that cause wasted hours and downtime. Simply put, our Managed Services offer preventative maintenance at its best - and we do it all for a predictable flat rate fee.
When you sign up for our Managed Services solution, you can rest easy knowing we’re empowering your business with proven technology from these industry leaders.