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What are the benefits of Conference Assistant?

This web-based tool helps event coordinators manage conferences with a centralized information repository that is both time-saving and cost-efficient. Besides that, Conference Assistant also creates reports needed to improve the overall participants’ experience for future events.


  • Event Registration
  • Sponsorship Promotion
  • SEO Optimization
  • Multiple event pricing option (discount codes, early bird, regulars or last minute registrants)
  • Donation campaigns
  • Annual Conference Comparisons
  • Attendee Statistics Reporting
  • Secure Site
  • Custom Domain Name
  • Exports to Excel

Additional offerings include:

  • E-commerce Integration (receive payments checks and credit cards online)
  • Access to in-house developers who can enhance the Conference Assistant to your organization’s specifications

Take advantage of these additional features


Group Registration

Saves time by registering multiple people at once.


On-Site Check-In

Streamlines the entire process with self-serve check-ins.


Customized Mobile App

Notifications, FAQ, sponsorship acknowledgement, and more.



Events and Activity Sign Up

Prevents overcrowding by limiting an activity’s attendee capacity.


Badge Templates

Customize attendee badges before or during the event.



Help when you and your attendees need it. If you have problems, WE ARE HERE TO HELP.

Because your conference
is like no other

Your upcoming conference is going to be unique, and so is the way it’s going to be managed. RCI’s Conference Assistant solutions is customizable to meet your special requirements, affordable, and easy to implement. Whether it’s a group registration for multiple attendees, expertly-branded invitations, or one-of-a-kind sponsorship acknowledgement messages, we cover it all.