Adult Healthcare

Assisted Living Facilities, Adult Care Centers, Rehabilitations and Mental healthcare facilities generally remains a paper based or excel based industry. Smaller profit margins and lack of IT support with no real capacity to manage a software solution in-house are perfect candidates for a scalable and cost-effective cloud base electronic record management solution. Time spent on paper handling and audit preparations accumulates into substantial financial overhead. Introduction of a cost-effective software solution eliminating the need to spend time on data entry and creating audit ready documentation and no need for an in-house IT management makes a software system perfect solution. eData Platform is currently engaged with a large Florida based ALF to co-develop a cost effective for this large and rapidly growing market. The existing legacy systems were not providing adequate functionality and support resulting in substantial expenses and extra validations to avoid errors as a result of intense manual data processing. Performance and frequent system failures demanded additional IT personnel to manage and operate the legacy system. Each upgrade was both prolonged and expensive. New operating system releases and new generations of tables and computers were not supported by the legacy software. Implementation of the eData Platform solution enabled the upgrade of archaic hardware and core software and operating systems as well as the usage of modern tablets and mobile computers, dramatically improving performance and data security. Extensive process automation and elimination of manual data management reduced errors and processing. The need for additional IT personnel was no longer required. eData was able to reduce the overall cost of maintenance and support staff while improving upgradability and overall end user satisfaction. The newly deployed solution has become the enterprise data management platform and reduced software maintenance expenses by more than 25%. Our solution offers the majority of features demanded by current and potential ALF customers. Using cutting-edge technology and tools, and ALF operators as core matter experts for functional specs and usability, the eData team developed a scalable, cost-effective, and user-friendly solution capable of eliminating the barriers to improved healthcare and affordability. eData Specialty ALF support medical decision-making with concise, context-sensitive real-time data. To achieve this, we created sophisticated tools for reporting, analyzing data and supporting decisions. These tools can be customized for each ALF environment individually.

Why Choose Us!

Competition a Specialty ALF
No training Includes annual staff and admin training
Hidden Fees Direct fees (no hidden cost)
Support Cost Support included
Limited Knowledge of the Industry Written by ALF core matter experts
Managed by corporate staff Managed by ALF admins or consultants
Increase cost with resident admission No cost adjustment with resident admission
Charge per users Unlimited users
Require use of multiple systems Comprehensive solution
No modular approach Purchase and use only what is utilized